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SCM Group invites you to it’s Open Day In-house in Rimini, Italy, where you get to enjoy the ever-evolving world of Nesting Technology & learn how it will revolutionise your factory.

Join us in Italy,  from 31st January – 2nd February 2019


Press Release: The  “SMART” AND “HUMAN” FACTORY

At SCM’s Open House event, a practical demonstration of the unique performance of our new range will be delivered: a nesting cellsupplemented by automation and industrial and collaborative robotics systems will deliver a real time representation of the production process of different types of cabinet. In particular, according to the new SCM “Smart&Human Factory” model, operators at the Rimini Technology Center will be assisted during the various panel processing stages (nesting, edge-banding, drilling, dowelling hardware insertion, glue dispensing, finishing and assembly) by industrial anthropomorphic robots for risky and low added-value tasks, by collaborative robots (cobots) for the final process stages and by AMR – Autonomous Mobile Robots to carry panels from one island or cell to the next. The entire work process will be coordinated by the Maestro Watch Supervision Software – monitoring the state of each of the products being machined throughout the process, and by the IoT Maestro Connect system – which collects and analyses SCM technology data, ensuring on the one hand full control over the production flow and, on the other, the implementation of smart predictive maintenance models.

Alongside the new dedicated Nesting and automation products, at the SCM Technology Center over fifty models for each industrial production process will be on display during the Open House event: from AccordSuperset and Balestrini technologies for solid wood to the best-selling machines for small-sized carpentry businesses L’invincibile and Minimax; from Gabbiani cutting machines to Stefani and Olimpic models for edge-banding, all the way to Surface finishing and painting systems.

If you want to join us at SCM in Rimini, contact Cornelis Rostoll
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