Cefla-Sorbini Inert Roller-Coater


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Inert coater

The new, patented Inert Coating Technology by Sorbini allows perfect surface and edge preparation for all panel types (MDF, HDF, raw chipboard, honeycomb, etc.)  The unique capabilities of the Inert Coating Technology turns low-cost material into profitable products.  While filling the surface and edges of the inexpensive substrate the process can also create realistic graining and depth which, with subsequent finishing, is virtually indistinguishable from the real material.  The resulting product offers superior surface strength and impact resistance.  Inert Coating Technology also helps pay for itself in reduced coatings use, lower energy costs and less environmental impact.

What it does

Patented Inert Coating 3D Technology by Sorbini allows to create any 3D effect for surface and edge preparation for all panel types (MDF, HDF, raw chipboard, honeycomb, etc.), by simulating such an effect vein and pore wood close to reality.


  • Reduced coating consumption (-50% gr/m2)
  • Reduced environmental impact (-75% CO2)
  • Increased coating film resistance
  • Reduced running costs (energy saving -65% kW and space reduction -60% m2)
  • Lacquer applied in a perfectly smooth coat
  • Panel defect filling
  • Increased application tolerance

For a squizz at the Inert coater in action, click on the Cefla video link below (You Tube is not playing ball today 🙁 )


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