November 2016 Specials



The NEW Startech computer numeric controlled (CNC) universal drilling and grooving machine



The Basics about the machine

Startech CNC universal drilling and grooving machine  has been designed for the small-medium woodworking workshops and is also ideal for larger companies that produce customised products, with in house prototype development departments. Thanks to the 7 independent vertical spindles, the spindle and the blade in “X”, the possibility to drill in “Y”, finished furniture elements can be produced without having to adjust the bits with no operator’s intervention for the worktable and machine set-up according to the panel dimensions.

STARTECH CN is a user-friendly compact drilling machine (only 4 m²) which can be installed in a reduced space. This new SCM machine is  ideal for flexible production: a real advantage as it allows a combination of customised craftsmanlike machining with the speed and precision of   semiautomatic production.

Technical Data

The new STARTECH CN machines work pieces on a maximum X-Y-Z axes of up to 3050 x 800 x 50 mm through the progressive and sequential panel positioning – by a suction cup with intake air vacuum.

The minimum panel dimensions on the X-Y-Z axes are 300 x 90 x 10 mm

Furthermore, the right and left guide facilitates accurate machining utilizing the 2 stop arrangement, similar to that used on high end CNC’s. The drilling head positioned above the panel allows a precise machining with a reliable reference: thanks to the distinctive drilling from the top, the Startech CN gives a  high and steady level of precision which can be verified in the panel assembly phase; in fact the system uses the outside of the panel as a reference and thus any differences in thickness are on the inside of the cabinet.   The STARTECH CN operating group allows extreme flexibility in processing on the 4 side faces:
• Dowelling holes, upper surface (vertical spindles, bit tool);

• Lateral dowelling holes, lateral surfaces (horizontal spindles, bit tool);

• Grooves (cut with the blade);

• Hinges holes (vertical spindles, tool tip countersink)

The machine is controlled by an NC with touch-screen colour display and self-diagnosis/ signaling system of errors or damages, simple head tooling and machining cycle programming with automatic optimization. The possibility to save and import working programs allows the machine to repeate complete drilling cycles with absolute precision and rapidity eliminating possible errors.

The X- Axis stroke is 750mm

The grilling / grooving work area is 0 x 800 mm

The X-Y axes speed per meter / minute is 25

Drilling head

Vertical spindles : there are 7 (4X – 4Y – One of them s shared)

Horizontal spindles (along Y axis) there are 2 (1 + 1)

Horizontal spindles (along X axis) there is 1

Fixed integrated blade (cutting direction) X

Blade diameter is 100mm

Maximum blade thickness is 5mm

Motor power of the drilling head is 1.5 kw (2 HP)

Spindles rotation speed (RPM) is 3350

Blade Rotation Speed (RPM) is 4300

If this machine is the answer to your drilling and grooving operations, then get in touch please

Also  still on special ….

The  SCM – Formula S40  panel saws, with a limited  SPECIAL PRICE for May 2016 is R119 000 EACH, EXCLUDING VAT.




Si 350 panel saw pic sans EU blade cover

Formula is an SCM group brand. The 50 years of success enjoyed by this leading company bring unique advantages.

All this means for the customer:

  • Reliable solutions
  • Prestige
  • An after sales service always close to the customer

The Formula line is the new, bigger range of professional wood-working machines, for use in small- or mediumsized workshops. The technic and technologic solutions took by Formula derive directly from machines of higher brand: this assures performances, functionality, quality and user-friendliness.

The specifications of the S 40 Formula panel saw are as follows:-

S 40 info on blade

Squaring unit frame

Large design enables squaring of panels up to 3200 x 3200 mm.

It is fi tted with a straight line guide complete with two reversible stops and an idle roller to facilitate the loading of large panels. The straight line guide also enables angular cutting up to 45°.

Cutting capacity: 3200.                   /    Stop on fence for cuts: 3200 mm

Width for rips: 1270 mm.            /  Main Blade diameter: 400 mm

Scoring Blade diameter: 120 mm.

Max blade cutting height at 90* : 130 mm

Max blade cutting height at 45* : 92  mm

9.5 HP

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