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Drilling and Dowelling:  THE COMPLETE WORKING CYCLE

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Tech machining centres are designed to satisfy the requirements of woodworking workshops in search of multi-functional, powerful and reliable drilling and routing centres, able to carry out any type of machining.  SCM decided to fully automate the drilling and dowelling operations with the aim to optimise the machining times and provide high quality performance.
This is why the innovative HI.LOCK (High locking system) dowel insertion unit was designed, the solution that offers to customers an easy-to-use device that can also manage the insertion of dowels on a machining centre.

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The operator has no longer to move the panel from one machine to the other, now the whole process is carried out by a single machine, thus avoiding any manufacturing inefficiency and the related costs.

Reduction of cycle times and optimisation of productivity with no more time wasting for cleaning operations, thanks to the use of glue capsules contrary to traditional dowelling devices, where it is necessary to remove the remaining drying glue from the various components after a temporary production-stop.

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No manual operator’s intervention with the Xilog Maestro software that manages the programming of all the working phases, from the position to the insertion depth.

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We have traditional (single function) and advanced (computer-numeric-controlled) multi-functional woodworking & alluminium cutting machinery, for processes that start in the value adding functions, and end in the categories of finsihing lines.  Within these categories of machining, the sub categories of in-line packaging and production are important too and will get the eposure they need.

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