Celebrating it’s 50th birthday 

Our top management will be available at Xylexpo from 9 – 12 May, or you can visit our principal suppliers as follows, for a preview of the latest technology.

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Hall: 1 Stand: M20 N11 N20 P11
Hall: 2 Stand: CORSIA C D E

Production codes

02.03.07 Single- and multi-blade circular saws for edging or ripping
02.03.10 Sliding table saws Horizontal panel saws with pressure beam for longitudinal cuts
02.04.01 Surface planers
02.04.02 Thickness planers
02.04.08 Three- and four-side planers
02.04.09 Moulding machines for three-and four-side machining
02.04.11 Single-spindle moulders
02.04.14 CNC routers
02.04.20 Round rod moulders
02.04.24 Groove cutters for stairs, ladders and louvres
02.04.25 Decorative strip moulders
02.04.99 Moulding machines for special applications Single-end tenoners for straight tenons Double-end tenoners for straight tenons Double round end tenoners
02.07.01 Single−end profilers / sizing machines for non−flat parts, e.g. scantlings
02.07.02 Single−end profilers / sizing machines for flat parts, e.g. panels
02.07.03 Double−end profilers / sizing machines for non−flat parts, e.g. scantlings
02.07.04 Double−end profilers / sizing machines for flat parts, e.g. panels Single-end edge banding machines for straight edges Multispindle boring machines with horizontal and / or vertical heads, stationary processing
02.12.04 Machines for boring, milling, hardware inserting, etc. CNC boring machines for stationary processing Through feed CNC boring machines
02.12.07 Machines for hardware inserting
02.14.03 Chisel mortisers
02.16.07 Wide-belt sanders for calibrating and sanding
02.19.02 Combined circular saws and moulders
02.20.01 Machining centres for sawing, routing, profiling, boring, sanding
02.20.04 Machining centres for routing, sawing, boring, hardware and dowel inserting, etc.
02.21 Manufacturing cells
02.23.02 Frame clamps
04.01.05 Assembly work stations and lines for windows, doors and facade elements Processing centres for longitudinal and cross-wise processing of window parts Machines for windows and facades; other
11.01.02 Machines and plants for doors and frames Trimming lines Special machines for carpenters and building industry
11.01.05 Machines and equipment for glue laminated timber / glulam construction
11.01.06 Machines and equipment for timber flooring / parquetry
11.01.08 Machines and equipment for stair construction
11.02 Machines and equipment for manufacturing solid timber boards
11.03 Machines and equipment for manufacturing rack furniture (chairs, tables, etc.)
11.05 Machines and equipment for manufacturing doors for furniture
11.99.08 Machines and plants for louvres and shutters
11.99.09 Machines and plants for coffins
02.04.22 Mitre moulders



Cefla Finishing brings the latest digital printing innovations and  finishing technologies to Xylexpo.

Our team of specialists will be available at the stand, ready to perform live demos of our latest innovations and give you a hands-on opportunity to experience our cutting-edge solutions.


Hall: 3 Stand: C21 D22

Production codes Chips and dust extraction systems (including filters) Extraction machines, stand alone Filtering separators Silos Industrial vacuum cleaners Fans Warm air heaters Chips and dust extraction equipment; other
31.03.04 Combustion plant for chemicals (lacquers, glues, films, etc.)
31.05.01 Fire alarm systems

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