Autumn 2020 News


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How can I obtain remote assistance right now?

❝How can I obtain remote assistance right now? And how do I know if my production process is working well?❞ These are just some of the most frequently asked questions about digital technologies, made of software, skills and our people.


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What makes a digital print good or bad? Well, it’s not just a question of chemistry.

Throughout the digital print process, between the cycles and tests we’ve performed in our LAB while expecting the next customer to come along and test the print quality, amongst the many factors that exist, we have optimised the key phases which ultimately lead to a top quality print.

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Spray coating for doors, windows and 3D pieces
how to automating the door, window and musical instrument coating process and keeping it under control? High-definition complex trajectories, coating process automation and excellent quality with low product consumption are all now well within the realms of possibility.



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How can over-spray be reduced?

Objective: efficiency and sustainability.

When it comes to coating, there is a crucial point beyond all else, that of lacquer consumption


To discuss your finishing options, please get in touch with your area manager

Cornelis Rostoll
082 415 4653
International and other provinces

Martiens Bezuidenhout
082 334 3841

Henk de Vries
082 415 1972
Western Cape

William Roux
066 303 6419

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