August 2020 News

A big thank you to all our clients and visitors who attended the July virtual 3 day in-house-show with



We have extracted what we believe to be the most pertinent videos for the domestic market from the virtual expo & have uploaded them from SCM Groups’ You Tube Channel.


Please view these videos below.


The Minimax ME35 is the most affordable edgebander in its class available from Europe.

The ME35 includes pre-milling and corner rounding. Minimax offers a wide range of edgebanders for every application


The Gabbiani S Beamsaw has proven to be a reliable high production machine that can be ordered with Flexcut which features a double pusher that increases production by between 25 and 40% at an affordable price.


The Morbidelli X200 and X400 can be composed as a full nesting cell that reduces labour and offers ultra-high speed processing, or, as a  stand-alone machine pre-set for future automatic loading and unloading


Our SCM K 560 TER and K 560 HP-TER are the most reliable edgebanders in the market and needs very little introduction. The machine is used with confidence by the biggest groups in South Africa and offers reliability and repeatably demanded by customers.


SCM has a 5 axis solution for all industries, including furniture, yacht building etc. and are available in a wide range of compositions that will suit every budget



To discuss further specifications & options, please get in touch with your area manager

Cornelis Rostoll
082 415 4653
International and other provinces

Martiens Bezuidenhout
082 334 3841

Henk de Vries
082 415 1972
Western Cape

William Roux
066 303 6419

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