January 2020 News

We would like to welcome everyone back to work & wish them a safe & successful 2020!

New SGP-E glue pot:
Versatility and quality within your reach



Always the highest quality with the new SGP-E glue pot that guarantees the best edge banding conditions with high-level technological solutions.


Application of EVA and Polyurethane glues without compromise thanks to the simple changeover of the glue type and the precise dosage that provides an excellent joint line in all working conditions (available on olimpic k 360)




A single pot for different glue types

The quick and easy cleaning of the glue pot is carried out directly in the machine allowing the application of different glues by using one single pot and without external cleaning benches. 





Precise and simple setting of the glue quantity spread on the panel for a perfect joint line in all working conditions.

Design always at the highest levels, with a perfect glueing of the edge with an invisible glue line. 

High glue quality and uninterrupted processing with the QMS-P premelter, that automatically fills the glue pot only when needed. 


Homogeneous spreading over time thanks to the exclusive glue closing device placed before the roller (SCM patent), and without scrapers that rest on the roller avoiding the problem of the carbonization of the glue.


Ergonomic and accessible, the glue pot has with a quick-release device with the setting for its correct repositioning, which makes the replacement operation quick and without further adjustments

Get in touch with your local techi’s or sales guys for more specifications 


December News: the scm morbidelli cx 100

The drilling machine that carries out all drilling operations, grooving and vertical routings. Very high productivity guaranteed, no operator’s intervention for the worktable tooling.



November News

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