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Spraying Technology


The Flexiflow Spraying Machine from Cefla-Falcioni

What it does

Flexiflow by Falcioni is suitable for water based impregnating and preserving coatings on window disassembled work pieces, ducts and profiles in general; or with a primer and finish coating sprayer on the same workpieces.


  • The machine does not use brushes for the wiping of the product, but simply air blades that do not need cleaning
  • Roller tanks in anti-adherent material
  • Extreme cleaning ease thanks to the anti-adherent material or the Teflon-lining of the tanks.
  • With the same machine, it is possible to carry out fast product changes, employing more than one tank, or changes in the production cycle, using the spraying tank for the finishing.
  • Anti-adherent piece conveying rollers, easily extractable after the coating.
  • The rollers can be lined with non returnable material, like cardboard or hard PVC tubes.
  • Programmable electronic switchboard with operating board with colour touch screen (version also suitable for spraying).

The FlexiSpray linear sprayer from Cefla-DelleVedove

What it does

Flexispray by Delle Vedove is a linear spraying machine, for the finishing of all types of mouldings as well as the application of solvent based, water based and UV paints and lacquers.


  • Solvent proof PVC belt conveying at infeed and outfeed, controlled by means of inverter.
  • Control unit enables electronic setting and control of spray gun operation.
  • Three (3) overspray collection and recovery tanks are easily removed for cleaning.
  • The tank conformation makes for easy product recovery after spraying.
  • Exhaust air filtration system utilizes a double set of dry filters made of disposable paper to remove solid particulate matter from the exhaust air stream.
  • Equipped for installation of six (6 or eventually 8) spray guns in a 3+3 (or 4+4) configuration on double feeding circuits.
  • Booth enclosure for protection of spray chamber with easy opening access door for cleaning and inspection.
  • Electronic and pneumatic control board are integral to the machine frame work, and prearranged for in-line insertion

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