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Ligna 2017: The industry’s number one event in Europe!

<b>Ligna 2017;</b> the industry’s number one event in Europe!

Ligna 2017 is the stage for all the latest innovations ready to be introduced by Cefla Finishing. It’s the chance for us to showcase the results of our ongoing R&D activities which have led to solutions which respond to the demands of our customers and partners. It’s the moment of truth and we’d be thrilled to hear what our experienced visitors will have to say when they come to Hannover. In response to a huge variety of customer demands, just in time for Ligna 2017 we are about to launch countless innovations in all areas and regarding all technologies.

Products to start with: the first in line is the renewed range of Omnidry vertical ovens featuring a new technology (patent pending) enabling fully automatic management of variable load thicknesses in relation to the size of pieces and logistical requirements without stopping the drying process.

Cefla Finishing is also ready to explore Industry 4.0 with a series of innovative solutions which bring the physical and digital worlds together as one. Many of the Smart Factory solutions embrace the spirit of Industry 4.0 and aim at leveraging latest generation technologies to optimise production efficiency, customisation, supply chain management and in-service assistance. Everything is set for Ligna 2017.



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