Cefla Finishing PixArt

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But since the video’s are failing to load directly to the pages today, let me explain the technology

Pixart Plot

Pixart Plot is the solution for large-size, high definition printing. A multi-pass system for large-format material without compromising quality and resolution.  Applies UV-cured inks to all types of  material.  Standard four-head system can be expanded to 8 heads. 8-bit resolution and wide gamut provides vivid, dimensional images.  Clear and white background material can be utilized for the highest contrast requirements.  17″ touch screen control provides complete management of workflow.  Can be set for feed-through operation or batch printing.

What it does

Pixart Plot by Cefla Finishing is solution for large-size, high definition printing.
A multipass solution for extremely large-sized item printing without compromising on quality and resolution.

Pixart Plot by Cefla Finishing is a multipass digital decoration system for controlled, timed application of UV inks to all kinds of material.
Automation consists in a high precision cartesian robotic feeding system.
The graphical management software allows high-definition, four-colour images to be printed via 4 colour modules, which can be expanded to 8 for “spot” colours.


  • Extremely high printing optical resolution thanks to an 8-level variable drop placement system (gray level).
  • Wide colour range (gamut) thanks to the brightness level of the 4 basic UV colours.
  • Possibility of printing digitally on clear media, including white backgrounds, for extremely bright, high contrast prints.
  • Practical and ergonomic operator interface with a large-sized (17”) touch-screen.
  • Fully compatible with the print work flow management integrated system (CRONO) ensuring totally independent development, correction, touch-up, complex project management, image layout.
  • Available operation modes: “feedthrough” allowing in-line connection to the machine or “batch” with loading/unloading on the machine infeed side for sampling applications or use in the stand-alone configuration

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