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Cefla Finishing Systems for Wood, Glass, Plastics

Cefla Group has been spraying & coating wood, metals and plastic surfaces for a few decades & are undeniably the global leaders when it comes to finishing machinery, systems & technology.

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This website will ‘walk you through’ the riveting technology available, including furniture & component  processing systems, such as curtain coaters, from Cefla-Sorbini, The new, patented Inert Coating Technology by Sorbini allows perfect surface and edge preparation for all panel types (MDF, HDF, raw chipboard, honeycomb, etc.)  The unique capabilities of the Inert Coating Technology turns low-cost material into profitable products.  While filling the surface and edges of the inexpensive substrate the process can also create realistic graining and depth which, with subsequent finishing, is virtually indistinguishable from the real material.  The resulting product offers superior surface strength and impact resistance.  Inert Coating Technology also helps pay for itself in reduced coatings use, lower energy costs and less environmental impact.

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