Cefla Robotic Spraying

Spray painting complex 3D objects with consistent quality

Consistent quality, reduced costs, better business – need anything else?

This could refer to many situations and sounds like a standard promise, but if you consider we’re talking about spray painting complex 3D objects with an anthropomorphic robot, maybe you will be tempted to read on….

Elaborate 3D geometries represent a major challenge and manually programming all the moves and trajectories required to paint the object efficiently and consistently is not a simple task, or a quick one. 
Automation by means of an intelligent 3D reading barrier saves manual intervention and ensures speed and precision. You can, for example, shorten programming times by more or less 5


iGiotto is a complete spray coating system with an anthropomorphic robot designed to paint large-sized objects such as doors, window frames or objects with a complex shape. It ensures consistent lacquer application and optimises consumption of lacquer itself, water for flushing and saves on filtering needs.

As an optional integration to our iGiotto anthropomorphic spraying robot, the cVision scanner acquires the 3D image of the piece to be coated and uses its special software to determine the best trajectories. You can be sure of obtaining optimal parameters (meaning less lacquer consumption) and achieve consistent coating quality from the first piece to the last.

Automation is a long-term investment which also generates immediate benefits in terms of user-friendly equipment, coating quality and consistency, lacquer savings and lower costs.

No longer a standard promise: you get better quality, you save time and money, business improves!

Cefla iGiotto Robotic Sprayer