About Holytek

Established in 1989, Holytek is now a major manufacturer and exporter of quality Taiwanese woodworking machinery and accessories. Over the years, the growth of the company has been steady and strong – going hand in hand with continuous product improvement and customer loyalty and care. It is only through consistent service and customer satisfaction that any company can survive and prosper. This has been Holytek’s mission and is clearly evident in the company’s strength and current range of the best quality woodworking machinery available to meet your creative applications and increased profitability. Geerlings has been in partnership with Holytek for over 15 years and the results… that they are reliable machines that sell so well, speak for themselves!

Our Top-selling machines from Holytek during 2015

The HK 610 top and bottom (double) surface planer… which we install with our Freud cutter blocks once sold…

The GRS 300 (gang rip saw)
The GRS delivers unparalleled accuracy, stability and rigidity.
It is capable of ripping short pieces of wood (up to 230mm in length), with 30 (50 optional) horse power drive, with comprehensive safety guards.
The HP24 is a thicknesser-planer and if you wish to see the specs, click here for Holytek’s website
The next top selling machine is the clamp carrier
Other top performers were the HCS18 cross cut & the BS 888 up cut …