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Presenting an update from the open days held in Rimini this month


Press release: Thousands of visitors for the “SCM smart” factory


More than 2,500 visitors from all over the world at the SCM central headquarters in Rimini  from 31 January to 2 February. The event showcased the intelligent factory of the future for the woodworking industry, integrated with industrial and collaborative robots

More than 2,500 visitors from all over Europe, as well as Asia, America and the Middle East flocked to the SCM Technology Center between 31 January and 2 February at the Rimini headquarters, for the “Smart&Human Factory” Open House. A record attendance that confirms the Italian giant as a leader at international level in the technologies sector for the second processing of wood and the furniture industry.

After excellent results in 2018 with the entire Group’s sales figures in excess of 700 million Euro, SCM started 2019 under the aegis of innovation with an event entirely dedicated to the new frontiers in the digital and intelligent factory. A factory at the forefront where SCM state-of-the-art technologies are integrated with anthropomorphous industrial robots, assigned to more strenuous work, collaborative robots that work safely and barrier-free alongside operators, and interconnected by unmanned vehicles with intelligent navigation systems. The result also brings progress on the work front, that not only means the factory can meet incoming demand from the market faster and more efficiently, but alleviates operators of the burden of repetitive work so they can focus on more high value-added tasks.

Inside the SCM Technology Center, set up for the occasion with more than fifty display solutions and those in progress, those attending were launched into the “Smart&Human Factory” that in three days worked on almost a thousand panels to produce four different kinds of furniture in record time.

Hundreds of professionals sought to learn more about the latest innovations researched and developed by SCM, including the after-sales services offered on fully digital platforms: from the IoT Maestro Connect system that gathers and analyses data from machines for an increasingly intelligent and predictive maintenance, to the Maestro Smartech glasses which, thanks to augmented reality technology, ensure clients always have an SCM expert by their side, wherever they are in the world. 

There were also more than a hundred teachers and students from professional training schools for the woodworking sector as well as technical institutes who had come to Rimini from a number of regions in Northern Italy to uncover the secrets of the people-friendly smart factory. 



“The Open House – as the SCM Division Manager Luigi De Vito explains – was an exceptionally important opportunity to meet with our clients directly, so they could experience the new innovations at the factory of the future, first hand. The new frontiers in automation went on display during these few days, without forgetting of course, the human factor, as the title explains ‘Smart&Human Factory’: the power of SCM of being not just a supplier, but a partner ready to support its clients in their business and tangibly accompany them every step of the way, in the era of 4.0 Industry”. 

The event was preceded by two days of sharing all the strong points in the range with SCM’s entire international sales network, between the headquarters in Rimini and the Campus, the new SCM School at Villa Verucchio, (Read SCM Academy page) inaugurated on Monday 28 January for a professional growth that meets the expectations of the most modern technologies in the industry.


During the three days, an example of the automated system for furniture production was explained at each stage of the process: from furniture production to the generation of machine programs and from panel processing to cabinet assembly.

 The strength behind the made in Scm process is to optimise cutting, edgebanding and drilling operations as much as possible, as though production were on an assembly line, and put the orders back together at the end of the process, leaving customisation to this stage. This gives the furniture manufacturer an opportunity to resolve the critical aspects of mass customisation, by rapidly dealing with all the orders, personalising them according to demand thanks to the support of the software and simultaneously reducing waste, remains and the time taken for retooling the machines for an order change.

In the “Smart&Human Factory”, the state-of-the-art SCM cells can be put together as you wish to meet the different panel processing requirements, with the advantage of being able to rely on a partner which has provided its clients with wholly integrated made-to-measure and turnkey solutions, for more than 65 years.



During the demonstration given at the Open House, considerable focus was placed on the new morbidelli x200 and x400 nesting range, previewed on this occasion and designed to apply the best features of the “All-in-one” technology of the machining centres for the 5-axis panel, even to this kind of processing. In other words, in line with the demands from a market that is ever more focused on batch 1 production. From the work table to the heads to be drilled, from the space taken up, increasingly less invasive and ever more functional and intelligent, to the innovative warehouses: each detail in these machines, with their renewed design, has been designed extremely carefully, with a view to making all the essential features accessible, as regards efficiency, quality and business evolution


As far as edgebanding is concerned, the undisputed leader was stefanicell, seen above, the new generation of cells for “batch 1” processing, with high-tech solutions, even with minimal investment, and the new “pickback” bridge system for the automatic return of panels, that guarantees simple, “just in time” production management. 



In the drilling/insertion island, the panels were not only drilled in the new morbidelli ux200d CN centre but also processed with the new, exclusive system with dual variable axis broaches, that can be adjusted according to the distance between holes.


Once the working process was finalised in the operator machines, the panels were carried on a roller conveyor belt towards a KUKA anthropomorphous robot which put back together the kits, ready for the assembly of each individual order thanks to the instructions supplied by the Maestro watch supervision, control and data acquisition software.


On the assembly island, the operators were assisted by three Universal Robots cobots to assemble the sideboards and apply the glue to the panels.


The process is completed with the passage of the pre-assembled cabinet in the action p clamp for a precise assembly and an efficient squaring of the piece of furniture, and with its transfer, again via AMR shuttle, towards the storage area.

Visitors were able to see the new “Smart&Human Factory” model at work in the area dedicated to surface treatment technologies where, in parallel with the production of different kinds of furniture in other Technology Center areas, cabinet doors were worked on with the aid of a dmc system, designed to meet the needs of SMEs seeking the highest sanding and finishing quality. On exiting the sanding machine, another Universal Robots cobot further perfected the finishing.

In this island, which also included the Superfici corner with all the latest in finishing and painting, visitors to the Open House were introduced to the exclusive integrated project for surface treatment developed by SCM with a view to presenting itself as first and only partner in Italy capable of providing a full panorama of products and services and exclusive, sought-after finishings, to satisfy all the process and typology needs of the end product.

The new Surface Tech Lab is also part of this project dedicated to sanding and pressing at Villa Mare (Villa Verucchio) that integrates and complements the Superfici Technology Center dedicated to painting in Villasanta (Monza). Some of the most relevant new entries that visitors were given a preview of at the SCM Open House included the new Technology Centre in Villa Mare, as well as the new sergiani membrane 3d form press, capable of unique three-dimensional effects.



With sales figures in excess of 700 million Euro and with 4,000 employees, the SCM Group is a world leader in technologies for processing a vast range of materials: wood, plastic, glass, stone, metal, composite materials and industrial components. The group’s companies are trustworthy partners of established industries around the world operating in a variety of commodity related sectors: from the furniture industry to building, from cars to aerospace, from the nautical industry to processing plastics.

The SCM Group coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial excellencies, structured into 3 highly specialised large production poles in Italy with a direct presence on all five continents.

Geerlings will be exhibiting one of SCM Group’s Nesting CNC’s at its in – house show in March, come have a squizz


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