New Galaxy 2 Beamsaw Technology

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Galaxy 2: a winning mix

The perfect beam saw for the company that meets the diverse requirements and demands of a varied and fast moving market. It is able to combine at the best the technologic practicality with investment competitiveness.




Flexibility and customization thanks to an abudantly standard specification and a wide choice of options, Galaxy 2 can be, furthermore, integrated with automatic storage systems for the optimization of time, materials and resources. The very good results obtained by Gabbiani with the Galaxy 3 models have led the research and development of the Gabbiani product to further enrich the beam saws range. The result of this activity is the Galaxy 2, a perfect combination of technology and flexibility able to  offer a wide choice of applications to all companies and in particular when the machine is integrated in a modern automatic storage system, thus answering all requirements of a very diversified machining.


galaxy 2 pic

Galaxy 2 is even more competitive when it is integrated in a cell with the Flexstore EL storage system.
– Thin material loading device
– Lower execution time with the clamps which can be excluded

gal 3

the blade projection

95 mm on Galaxy 2 “90” and 115 mm on Galaxy 2 “110” , to meet all requirements of a more and more demanding market in terms of machining unfinished chipboard and other materials.

gal clock

the standard speeds of the axes have been increased

– blade carriage speed       6 – 60 m/min with option
  to reach 150 m/min
– pusher speed 55 m/min
with option to reach
120 m/min.

gal guide

prismatic guides with recirculating balls for the pressure beam and the pusher movement

Standard  feature on the machine. Galaxy 2 is the only beam saw in its range with these two  solutions as standard (available as an option also for the saw carriage sliding).

watch store

WATCH STORE, the integrated software with user friendly interface that allows to manage various machining modalities granting high productivity performances

For more on the SCM Gabbiani & El Store, please watch this video




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