SCM Edge Banding Technology


There are varying models, such as the entry level hot melt glue pot Olympic range, for shaped edgesolimpic e 20The SCM – Minimax ME-35 for straight edging


With varying productive and specification options in at least 20 different machines, we will have a closer look at the very popular

Olimpic k 560 from  



This is a productive and compact single sided edge bander, designed to operate for many hours per day with an 18m / minute feed speed.

It is the ideal solution for all companies that require high productivity when machining a large number of panels at the same time

For a look at the comprehensive range of classical edgebander’s from the SCM Group, click here

For the more advanced computer numeric controlled range of edgebanders from the SCM Group, click here

All the above product ranges covered single sided edgebanding solutions.

The SCM group also offers double-sided edgebanding solutions, as with the Evolution 2 model, from SCM-Stefani

… to be continued …