SCM Group Panel Saws


The range of sliding table panel saws available from SCM Group partners is rather large and tailored to suit variable manufacturing scales and economies.

I will quickly list some & provide a direct link to the SCM page where you can peruse to your hearts’ content.

The L’ Invincible range, covering Six, Five & Three hundred diameter blades, with electronic digital options. The SI class panel saws, including the SI 550, SI 400 & the Nova series, the SI 350 and SI 300. From SCM partner Mini Max, the S elite range offers the S 315 and S 400 options.  The most popular SCM – Formula panel saw in South Africa is the S40… on we always have in stock.

One of the top of the SCM Group manual Panel Saw (sliding table)  range is the SI400 Nova

The SCM  SI350 is one of the top selling manual panel saws in South Africa.  The saw comes with a 7 year warranty  on the slide & has other features which make it so popular in the industry.

    Si 350 panel saw pic sans EU blade cover

The advantageous features include the very high cutting quality – thanks to the sliding table structure with special ground-arch steel guides (Scm patented solution).

SCM slide arch

Torsional rigidity and total absence of vibration through the closed loop structure of the saw unit which ensures perfect alignment of the blades.

tortional regitidy on SI350

And finally, Manual movements: they are always user friendly and precise. Every minimum handwheel movement corresponds to a precise blade adjustment.

SI 350 blade adjustment cogs

 For the comprehensive range of panel saws from the SCM Group,

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