The five day exhibition  was frenetic and a great success.

Moving with the Industry 4.0 trends, the Group showcased its Smart Factory and Digital Days platforms . Their press release read as follows:-

This year too, the leader for secondary woodworking technologies, SCM is to play a key role at the 26th Xylexpo Trade Fair, to take place at the Milano-Rho Exhibition Centre, 8 – 12 May, 2018.

With an exhibition booth of over 3,000 square metres, located in Hall 2, the Rimini-based Group, boasting double-digit growth over the last two years, both in global terms and with regard to just the wood sector, confirms its decades-long commitment to the Italian and European markets. SCM has some key, forward-looking goals in store for the Milan trade show, likely to have a strong impact on the development of the entire sector.

Luigi De Vito, SCM Division and Group Sales & Marketing Director, comments: “Xylexpo represents one of the key international events for us in which to showcase technological innovation at the highest level. Having reliable, integrated and competitive production
systems in a context where economic recovery is well underway will prove to be strategic and decisive both for large industrial groups and for the entire supply chain.

SCM has always been a solid and reliable partner for the whole wood technology sector; with this clear mission our presence will manifest itself through the widest range of solutions able to
function and interact according to Industry 4.0 criteria”.
SCM’s leadership in the market sector is corroborated by the excellent results achieved in 2017. At the end of the year, the Rimini-based Group recorded a turnover of 650 million euro, with double-digit growth compared to the previous year regarding both
turnover and order backlog also in the wood sector, and a continuous increase in recruitment, which led to a total headcount of over 3,500 staff, operating both in Italy and in the
20 overseas branches.

A strategic driver behind this unstoppable growth achieved by SCM has to be the R&D activities that have led to creating industrial technological solutions increasingly able to ensure
quality improvement, cost reduction and greater efficiency thanks to flexible and reliable processes, offering significant savings to customers in maintenance, floor space, time and labour costs.
In line with market demands, SCM’s smart innovation project continues, a tangible application of the “Smart Manufacturing” concept. The goal is to make life as simple as possible
for the customer, from small carpentry workshops to the large woodworking industries, in both wood panel processing and solid wood processing, enhancing creativity, reducing and simplifying processing times, facilitating the transition towards “mass customisation” and raising competitiveness on the markets.


As world leader, SCM is preparing itself for Xylexpo aware that – thanks to the high level of technology reached – the company is in a position to present its customers with “Industry 4.0” applicable solutions. At the Milan trade show, in the area dedicated to the “giant from Rimini”, the new digital systems conceived by SCM will take centre stage: products and services made possible by an increasingly widespread availability of data and their analysis,
enabling quality control and qualitative assessment of production – from the technological and IT development of the individual machines and their ability to operate in cells
and cell systems.

In the run-up to Xylexpo, some of these cutting-edge digital solutions will be previewed at
the Scm Digital Days event, from 25 to 27 January 2018 at the Scm Technology Center,
situated in the recently renovated Rimini headquarters. Here, SCM customers from all over
the world will be able to tour the Digital Hub, an area dedicated to presentations and sharing
where the latest generation, multi-function, wide-screen and multi-touch operator
control panel (Eye-M) will play a leading role; where another highlight will be the innovative
remote assistance and maintenance system with augmented reality glasses
(Maestro Smartech), as well as the powerful Maestro Suite, a comprehensive software
suite for all processing types and methods, not to mention the Virtual Reality 3D Integrated
Cells simulation system (Maestro Xplore) and other digital solutions that improve
human-machine interaction, simplifying and speeding up production processes more
and more.
Over time, management of technological solutions via software has become a fundamental
aspect of production. For this reason, SCM has made significant investments in the sector
with an aim to provide its customers with cutting-edge products that stand out for their
ease of use, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.
At Xylexpo SCM will present Maestro Datalink, the highly innovative “IoT” (Internet of
Things) tools platform, enabling data retrieval from the machines for later analysis. This is
at the heart of the “smart factory” concept, which is simply a system that is able to
monitor and optimise production processes so as to achieve predictive maintenance,
which allows you to anticipate any possible need for extraordinary maintenance, thus
avoiding potential downtimes. Before reaching Xylexpo, SCM will preview Maestro
Datalink in Rimini during the Scm Digital Days.
The major investment made by SCM in the digital sector is reiterated by the avantgarde
exhibition space that will be installed at the upcoming Xylexpo trade fair.
Already back in 2016, the booth had won over the countless professionals who took part in
the event and, as was the case during that edition, in an innovative and high-impact
area: an interactive system on a giant-sized video-wall (6 x 3.4 m) will be presented again
this year, to offer a unique virtual version of the company’s machines, reproduced life-size
and with extraordinary fidelity, enabling visitor interaction that has never been seen
In an innovative and multimedia exhibition space at Xylexpo, SCM will demonstrate new
solutions for all industrial production processes, from furniture manufacturing to the nautical
sector, from windows and doors to timber construction, and the most reliable woodworking
For all types of processing and for any production requirement, SCM technology
represents a tangible application of “Industry 4.0” concepts and those of “mass
customisation”, and aims to satisfy the individual needs of customers, while conserving
the benefits of industrial production.
SCM’s technological innovations will embrace the entire range of solutions on show for the
sector: from machining centres for panel drilling to machining centres for solid wood and
the timber construction industry, from edge banders and sizing edge banders to beam
saws, from sanding to surface finishing, from assembly and packaging to presses, from
the specific solutions for doors and windows to those for the squaring-tenoning and profiling,
automation and top-level automatic handling, without neglecting the widest and most
sought-after collection of machines for artisan carpentry.
Scm Group is the world technology leader for the processing of a wide range of materials:
wood, plastic, glass, stone, metal, composites, and for industrial components. Throughout
the world, the companies belonging to the group are reliable partners of established industries
operating in various product sectors: from the furniture industry to timber construction,
from automotive to aerospace, from nautical to the processing of plastics.
Scm Group coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial excellence, divided
into 3 major, highly specialised production centres in Italy, with over 3,500 employees and
a direct presence in the five continents.
23 January 2018
Press Office:
Communications Scm Group:
Alessandra Leardini – – tel. +39 0541 7002

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