Machining and Drilling Centres

Attracting great interest during the event (Holz Handwerk Expo 2018)  was the all-new SCM drilling-milling solution: the new
Morbidelli M220 machining centre with a dual drilling head for simultaneous drilling of several
panels, offering a considerable reduction in cycle times.
Another major attraction was “Five Ways to Make a Cabinet”, the best of the Morbidelli line in a live demonstration, covering the various methods for building a box. Among the models shown
were those based on the All-in-One technology, such as the new Morbidelli P200 machining centre, standing out for its innovative edge-banding unit, which processes panels up to 800 mm
thick, and for its exclusive HE-POD suction cups, which allow the use of larger worktables thanks
to alternate lifting of panels

Watch this video to enjoy CNC dual drilling and milling solutions from SCM-Morbidelli


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